We have compiled a list of the best hair dryers in India in 2019 which provide quality, durability, and peak functionality. This article also contains well researched and detailed reviews and a complete hair dryer buying guide that will allow you to spend your money wisely and attain absolute value for money.

Every single human on this planet absolutely loves their hair. With changing times, the hairstyles and hair fashion has reached a new era. Now, just taking care of your hair is not enough. It is equally essential to be able to style your hair to match the fashion standards. The market is filled with numerous hair styling and hair care products. Choosing the perfect hair dryer to maximize the value for your money can get extremely difficult. Hence, we decided to provide our insight on this topic and help you purchase the best hair dryer in India.

What is a Hair Dryer?

A hairdryer is an electric device which is used to style and dry hair. A is also known as a blow dryer which blows air which we can use to dry and style our hair.

The very first hair dryer was introduced in the market in the early 1900s. It was a handheld device, and it lacked power. The heat generated wasn’t sufficient because it took a lot of time to dry hair. Heavy metals like steel and zinc were used to make this device. The hair dryers that we see today in the market have evolved from this device. Engineers worked on the design and functionality to make the hair dryer lighter and more powerful.

How Does a Hair Dryer Work?

Hair Dryers work on the principle of evaporation. The rate of evaporation is inversely proportional to the relative humidity of the air. Which means that if the relative humidity is high, then the rate of evaporation is low. So, when the hair dryer blows hot air, the relative humidity becomes low, and as a result, the rate of evaporation increases, which means that your hair starts drying quickly.

The main components of the hair dryer are the heating element, electric fan, power supply, safety mechanisms like the cut-off switch, thermal fuse, insulation, protective screen, and the front grill.

The heat is generated by the heating element, which is usually made out of nichrome wire. This nichrome wire acts as a resistor, and due to this resistance to electricity, the electric energy is converted into heat energy. This heat starts increasing the temperature of the air, and the electric fan then starts blowing the air out of the hair dryer. We then use the hot air that is blown by the hair dryer to dry and style our hair. Many other processes are happening inside, but this is the basic principle and functioning of the hair dryer.

What is the use of Hair Dryers?

Hair drying is an important phenomenon when it comes to beauty and health care. People have started growing very cautious about their hairstyles with the growing popularity of the film industry. Thus, having possession of the perfect gadget that can set your hair and style it according to your will is the need of an hour. Here, the Hair Dryer comes in handy.

1. Hair drying :

Do you come out of your shower every day with wet and messy hair and find it tedious to dry them quickly and adequately? Then the hair dryer is the perfect product you need! Even though drying your hair can seem like an easy job to do; If you use incorrect ways to dry your hair, it can result in a complete mess!

As they say, the more the number of people, so are their types; and we say, so are their hair types! Each hair type needs to be taken care of. The hair dryers do the exact job! They are here to take care of your wet, messy, curly, rough or straight hair in a jiffy! Using various filters and controlling the air flow from the nozzle, you dry your type of hair according to you!

2. Hair Styling:

Due to the increasing popularity of cinemas, people have started growing cautious about their hairstyles. They idealize famous actors and want to look like them. If you too fantasize yourself having a hairstyle like your favorite actor or model, hair dryer gives you the perfect edge above everyone else. Even famous hairstylists use hair dryers to style their clients.

You can straighten your curly hair by using hair dryer without emptying your pockets on professional and expensive saloons. If you want your hair to have gorgeous curls in the end; hair dryer is the key again! Just set your curls according to you and dry them with the hairdryer. The heat coming out of the nozzle sets your hair perfectly.

3. Additional advantages :

Did you think that hair dryers had their domain of use only for your hair? Then there are some unique and rarely known ways in which you can use hair dryers :


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